Attention deficit disorder describes a spectrum of different symptoms ranging from anxiety, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and depression, among others, that can make daily life a struggle. 

Individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD can be very susceptible to their environment and everything going on around them; we could say that they are hypersensitive to the stimuli provided by the outside world. And that same sensitivity extends to how emotions and thoughts are perceived and experienced, thus being more meaningful and potent than it would be to the average person. This is a superpower when channeled correctly, and how do we do that?

ADD is not the absence of attention but rather the inconsistency of it. Therefore, when the individual is able to maintain the state of hyper-focus that they reach while doing things they find interesting, then anything can be much more manageable and enjoyable. Here is where Multidimensional hypnotherapy comes in: Hypnotherapy relieves the critical mind allowing the person to reach a heightened state of focus via the subconscious mind creating new perceptions and habits that will support their goals.

So here’s a no-pill guideline for learning how to tap into your superpower and enhance your focus when you decide or need to:

  1. Find a comfy place where you can spend at least 3 to 5 minutes undisturbed (bring a sensory toy if it helps you with concentration). Set your timer. You can begin to increase the time you dedicate for this exercise by gradually adding 2 more minutes each round.
  1. Acknowledge the sounds around you, knowing they will not disrupt you; they are just simply fading into the background as they take you into a deeper state of relaxation. Now, look up towards the spot in between your eyebrows as if looking through your third eye or forehead and take 3 deep breaths as you slowly close your eyes.
  1. Bringing your attention to your breath or the sensory toy. Please repeat the following affirmation 3 times: ‘I am safe, I have complete control of my life and my choices’. (You may use your outer or inner voice, whichever is most comfortable for you). Seal each affirmation with a deep breath.

You will notice that after completing this exercise at least seven rounds, you will have created a focused intention available to you at any time you need to use it.

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