Transformative Hypnosis

Through gentle relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy resolves the root cause of diverse issues and challenges such as trauma, abuse, fears, toxic patterns and more to support personal development and mind-body healing.

Let's turn your mind into a safer space.

Did you know your limiting beliefs can:

  • Show up as anxiety, anger, and worthlessness
  • Alter your perceptions of reality creating fear and confusion
  • Lead to self-sabotage resulting in destructive inner dialogue 
  • Negatively affect your relationships
  • Cause mental and physical health problems

Heal Traumas & Overcome your Fears

The guiding principles of trauma recovery are the restoration of safety and empowerment


Relieve your Anxiety

Anxiety is a symptom that triggers your flight-or-fight response activating your survival mode. It is corrected by healing the source of that which is causing it.


Be Empowered

Empowerment means people having power and control over their own lives.

Transformative Hypnosis

Empower your life at your own pace.

We are all here on this planet with a purpose; a spiritual purpose. 

Build and maintain healthy relationships.

Self-love is the foundation of any relationship. Cultivating this connection with yourself will drastically improve your relationships, including that which you have with money. Scarcity is a programmed mindset that can be changed with hypnotherapy because truth is, the universe is infinitely abundant and so are you.

Easy-to-use ways to balance your inner self.

Learn how to create effective & personalized positive suggestions that will transform your mind into your best ally. You just have to change your mind.

The best time for a new beginning is right now.

I know change can be scary, so we’ve created this free guide to support you along the journey of building confidence and empowerment to create a joyful life full of abundance and meaningful connections.

“Thank you so much for our sessions Allie!! Working with you has been incredible! I am so grateful for the beautiful and warm space you held for me, and also the time you took to really help me delve deep into my core issues. I am always blown away by how much we achieve in one session and the journey we go on together. It’s simply profound! Since working with you, the things that were blocking me are now gone and I feel like I’ve gained a huge piece of my life back!! Thank you so much Allie!”

Valery D.

“I enjoyed this therapy very much. It was very natural, smooth, and profound. It was not coincidence; it was an opportunity to heal some issues from my past. From the moment I subtly entered into a relaxing state, I felt kindly guided at all moments and finally was able to face the origin of my symptoms. I was very impressed by the professional and effective approach. At a very deep level my soul was finally able to heal, so life becomes a joy instead of struggle.”

Cesar B.

“My name is Mariana and I had the most beautiful experience during my hypno-therapy! I was really nervous I wasn't sure what was going to happen if I was gonna do it right!!!...But Allie my therapist with her sweet voice and the trust we’ve built over the years, guided me in a magical way which allowed me to relax, connect with myself and enter in a state of hypnosis!!! After this experience my life changed since I found many answers that I knew my own soul was only reminding me of! It is an unforgettable experience which I recommend 100% if you want to find the answers that only your subconscious holds!!! Thanks to my dear Allie for all your help and for this wonderful experience to heal the soul.”

Mariana A.

“Even tho It’s hard to put into words the sensations I experienced during this session, it gives me chills to recall the comforting feeling of finding the answers within myself. Being able to witness other timelines, other places enhanced my awareness about how beautiful and comforting other spectrums of life can be.”

Alejandro L.

“I really enjoyed my time working with Allie and would definitely recommend her. With her highly empathic nature I felt at ease opening up and sharing my vulnerabilities. Allie was not only professional but has a real gift as a hypnotherapist.’'

Vannessa B.

“Hello my name is Saskia and I'd like to share my experience about the session I had with Allie. At the beginning I had a lot of doubts, as to what the process would be like, what is going to happen, does it work, will it help me?, etc... But Allie helped me understand step by step how the therapy process would be like & the truth is that I am very happy to have done it because I was able to solve many doubts I had in my life, questions from the past as well as the present. During the session Allie makes you feel very comfortable and calm and after the session you feel like a completely different person. I am very grateful for her and I would definitely do it again because it helped me to achieve emotional peace and to have more control over my feelings and emotions.”

Saskia L.
Free Self Hypnosis Bundle!

Ditch limiting thoughts and experience a more abundant life with our Hypnotherapy: Self Hypnosis Bundle!

I know changing our old belief system can be tough, so we’ve put together this free, helpful & easy Hypnotherapy: Self Hypnosis Bundle that you can use to reprogram your mind with a positive foundation that supports lasting change.I

What is inside
the Self Hypnosis Bundle?

  • Pre-sleep Exercise 
  • Hypnotize Yourself
  • Create Your Own Suggestions
  • Guided Video
  • Guided PDF
  • Guided Audios (3)
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