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About Allie

My journey started from the moment I decided to learn to accept, love and know myself.

Growing up in an environment where emotional intelligence was a foreign concept and an unknown practice, it was natural for issues to either be suppressed or unleash chaos. Love was never the first course of action or reaction. I could say life felt very confusing and hostile. Living in fear became the norm throughout my childhood and youth. But deep down this feeling of hope kept tugging at me, almost whispering… “there’s more…”. And yes, there was a whole lot more. 

In 2014 my soul began to remind me why I was here…And in my journey of looking for anything that’d help me heal, I found myself learning different holistic techniques: Sound healing, Oracle readings, Radiesthesia, and Mediumship among others. Never crossed my mind I’d become a hypnotherapist but I’m so glad I did.

This was the starting point of my journey toward healing, self-love, and wholeness. A journey that continues to have its challenges because I’m a real human just like you. But now instead of looking at these challenges as a hindrance, I see them through the lens of higher awareness as an opportunity to grow.

Know that you are never alone on your journey, and as someone that has been broken and rebuilt, I hope I can learn your story too.

I am honored to serve and guide others along their journey.

“When we undergo trauma, we sacrifice parts of our identity as a coping mechanism, so an important part of my work is guiding people to reconnect with their own divine self, their personal power, and their source of inner wisdom. By allowing yourself to move into a process of emotional healing and trauma resolution, you are clearing away blocks whilst reclaiming your true essence.”


I am here to help you and this is how...

By transcending the personal ego, through experiences such as transformative healing, intuition awareness, spiritual phenomena, past life recall and higher levels of consciousness, we find the keys to human evolution. My work is done from an integrative approach which can be understood as Transpersonal hypnosis, working with the unconscious processes that are at the root of most of our problems in life. I offer you a brief therapy with long-lasting results.

I am a certified QHHT Practitioner by Dolores Cannon Academy.  I am also certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist  with the Transpersonal components of Past life regression, Soul Screening©, Age regression, Parts therapy and SRT at the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, AB, Canada. I do continuing education to maintain my training at a high level.

You have my commitment that I will put all of my skills to your service and that I keep your best interest always at heart. You also have my assurance of my full integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and respect.

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