Client Success

Real Stories of Healing and Growth

“Thank you so much for our sessions Allie!! Working with you has been incredible! I am so grateful for the beautiful and warm space you held for me, and also the time you took to really help me delve deep into my core issues. I am always blown away by how much we achieve in one session and the journey we go on together. It’s simply profound! Since working with you, the things that were blocking me are now gone and I feel like I’ve gained a huge piece of my life back!! Thank you so much Allie!”
Valery D.
“I enjoyed this therapy very much. It was very natural, smooth, and profound. It was not coincidence; it was an opportunity to heal some issues from my past. From the moment I subtly entered into a relaxing state, I felt kindly guided at all moments and finally was able to face the origin of my symptoms. I was very impressed by the professional and effective approach. At a very deep level my soul was finally able to heal, so life becomes a joy instead of struggle.”
Cesar B.
“When I saw my wife after finishing a session with Allie, I said to her: I want to do a session. She tried to describe what it was like and I was like, 'Don't tell me'. She asked why, and I immediately told her: Because you are beaming! That's how I got to my session with Allie. Life has allowed me to try different techniques and therapists... It is wonderful when you meet people like Allie, who flows in the energy of love and takes you to moments in your past that liberate you. An experience that I hold in my heart and which I recommend 100%. Just surrender, trust and heal.”
Leo R.
“I really enjoyed my time working with Allie and would definitely recommend her. With her highly empathic nature I felt at ease opening up and sharing my vulnerabilities. Allie was not only professional but has a real gift as a hypnotherapist.’
Vannessa B.
“Thank you Allie for doing this beautiful work. In our meeting I felt very comfortable and at ease. I felt a connection with God from within, a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was very happy to receive the most unexpected answers which reminded me how important it is to keep my inner peace. I must confess it is a challenging task as I often slip into the monotony of daily life and unconsciously take on situations that aren’t mine but then I recall our session and the connection I had with God to find myself again. I know healing is indeed possible, you are proof of that, I hold you close to my heart and I hope you can help as many people as you have helped me.”
Camila R.
“Hello my name is Saskia and I'd like to share my experience about the therapy I took with Allie. At the beginning I had a lot of doubts, as to what the process would be like, what is going to happen, does it work, will it help me? Etc etc. But Allie helped me understand step by step how the therapy process would be like. The truth is that I am very happy to have done it because I was able to solve many doubts I had in my life, questions from the past as well as the present. During the session Allie makes you feel very comfortable and calm and after the session you feel like a completely different person. I am very grateful for her and I would definitely do it again because it helped me to achieve emotional peace and to have more control over my feelings and emotions.”
Saskia L.
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